Edur pumpen

 The EDUR program offers a wide spectrum of applications for water supply, industrial technique, energy technology, cooling technique, process technology, waste water treatment and marine applications. On the basis of the technically outstanding features, the EDUR pumps combine the highest system reliability with unsurpassed availability:

 open impellers without axial thrust guarantee long service-life ideal for critical services diffusor blades optimize the pump hydraulics and neutralize radial shaft forces
 low velocities of flow and optimized flow paths ensure high efficiencies
 handling of gas-loaded liquids increase the process reliability
 low NPSH-values upto 0,5 m provide in case of cavitation critical applications
 pump hydraulics and shaft sealing systems meeting the requirements allow the supply out of vacuum
 variable sealing systems and material executions
 remote sensory analysis allow monitoring of the pump condition independent of the location - world-wide

A very committed cooperation is the basis for optimized solutions, not only a feature of low life-cycle-costs. Innovative EDUR pump technology increases the efficiency e.g. for the dissolved air flotation up to 80%.