Uutta tekniikkaa Andritzilta.

Andritz Separation on esitellyt uutta uutta erottelutekniikka tänävuonna messuilla. Alla lehdistötiedote IFAT messujen tarjonnasta tänä vuonna.  

ANDRITZ presents latest product developments

International technology Group ANDRITZ will represent tailor-made system solutions in the field of mechanical and thermal solid/liquid separation.

The main focus will be set on ANDRITZ SEPARATION’s latest developments, offering its customers a clear competitive edge:

  • CentriTune is an advanced, complete control system for efficient and safe operation of decanter centrifuges in industrial and municipal applications, controlling the core components of the centrifuge. It meets the demanding requirements for production of high-quality products with the lowest possible cost and in a safe, easy-to-use manner. The basic system consists of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the operator interface, a parallel and/or bus interface to control the variable speed drives, and a bus interface to the plant’s supervisory control system. An important feature is a web-based interface that allows remote supervision and control via internet or smartphones. Individual versions of CentriTune are available for specific process requirements.


  • The increasing importance of biomass as a renewable energy source has led to a demand for new technologies in the treatment of biomass, with the aim of making the biomass more suitable for industrial scale power generation. Substantial R&D testing has concluded that the ACB (Accelerated Carbonised Biomass) torrefaction technology – developed by a consortium led by ANDRITZ – is the process best able to meet these requirements. Torrefaction is a thermal process for increasing the energy density of biomass, with the added benefits of increased calorific value, improved milling properties, water-repellent characteristics, and biological stability.


  • ANDRITZ Turbojet is an optimized centrate discharge system utilizing the fluid kinetic energy to reduce power consumption of ANDRITZ decanters.
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