SINGLE Alternating Temperature Technology


Our ATT systems stand for high reliablity and will assist you in cyclic-dynamic temperature control processes.


What is ATT?

SINGLE ATT 'Alternating Temperature Technology' is an individually configured system solution for liquid-operated variotherm temperature control of injection moulds, compression moulds and other mould types. As the active system fills moulds alternately with warm and cold thermal fluids, it can actively heat or cool processes in defined alternation. Variotherm temperature control used in combination with suitable mould inserts allows variations in temperature of more than 100 °C in critical areas or in complete moulds. In order to achieve this, the SINGLE ATT system operates with two separate circuits that contain thermal fluid with a different temperature. Both ATT circuits contain the same fluid. Water is recommended for temperatures of up to 200 °C, while oil is suitable for applications that operate with temperatures of up to 350 °C. The system is equipped with one or several external valve stations for switching the two circuits from bypass mode to mould temperature control mode. Signals for the switch-over from cooling to heating are transmitted by the machine control via programmed I/Os according to process requirements.


Areas of application

• Injection moulding of thermoplastics

• Production of components made from fibre-reinforced composites

• All cyclic processes with temperature profile


Your benefits of ATT for plastics injection moulding processes:


Higher cost-efficiency

ATT homogenizes the cooling time required over the complete mould.

• ATT cuts cycle times thanks to longer wall contact of melt agglomerations with the result of an intensified cooling action.


Better part strength and structure

ATT introduces a better homogeneity of glass fibres in technical parts.

• ATT increases the welding time for melt fronts and prevents weld lines.

• ATT reduces the risk of warpage caused by shrinkage.

• ATT improves the dimensional stability and consistency of injected parts.


High-quality optical characteristics and part surface

ATT decreases internal stress during compression moulding optical components.

• ATT enhances surface properties such as self-cleaning or antireflection coating.

• ATT facilitates the reproduction of microstructures and nanostructures as well as channels and walls for the microfluidics.

• ATT allows the production of particularly smooth and high-grade glossy surfaces with piano effect.

• ATT avoids flow marks and silver streaks in foam injection moulding.


More safety during production processes

ATT helps reduce injection pressure and clamping force.

• ATT prolongs the holding pressure even in areas that are away from the gate and of injection moulded parts.


For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our technical sales staff or our sales representatives. We would also be glad to carry out a trial on your mould, which would be accompanied by a very experienced engineer for process optimization, so you can get a good idea of the efficiency of our ATT systems.


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