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Solvay Advanced Polymers - Solef, Radel, Udel, Ixef

With over a dozen distinct families of high-performance and ultra-performance plastics, Solvay Advanced Polymers gives you more than any other plastics manufacturer in the world. More material choices to more perfectly match your application needs. More support for developing smart new designs. We offer hundreds of different product formulations—including modified and reinforced resins— so you can tailor a solution to meet your precise requirements.

Our family of amorphous sulfone polymers:

Udel ® polysulfone (PSU) -- Tough, transparent plastic with exceptional chemical resistance, good hydrolytic stability and an HDT of 345°F (174°C)
Mindel ® modified polysulfone (PSU) – Opaque, cost-effective PSU-alternative offering specific advantages versus Udel, such as superior electrical properties.
Radel ® R polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) – Super-tough transparent plastic with an HDT of 405°F (207°C), excellent chemical resistance and the unique ability to be steam sterilized without significant loss of properties.
Veradel ® polyethersulfone (PESU) – Transparent plastic with a high HDT of 400°F (204°C) and better chemical resistance than Udel
Acudel ® modified polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) – Opaque PPSU-alternative offering cost advantages where application requirements match the balance of properties.
Our semi-crystalline semi-aromatic polyamides:

Amodel ® polyphthalamide (PPA) – high-temperature nylon with exceptional mechanical properties, an HDT of 535°F (280°C), excellent chemical resistance and low moisture uptake.
Ixef ® polyarylamide (PARA) – aesthetic, structural specialty nylon that combines outstanding stiffness with exceptional surface appearance, plus low and slow water uptake, and great flow properties.

Additional semi-crystalline polymers:

Primef ® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) – high-flow, structural plastic with good temperature and chemical resistance as well as inherent flame retardant properties. Xydar® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) – high-flow, high-temperature plastic with an HDT of 570°F (300°C), and extremely high chemical resistance.


Solvay Solexis

Fluorine-based materials, while offering a balance of useful properties, are particularly valued for their exceptional resistance to other chemical agents and environments that attack and degrade lesser materials. They are often the only viable protection against highly corrosive and aggressive chemicals. Fluorinated materials perform well in a wide range of temperatures and uses. They are chemically inert, UV resistant, and offer excellent release properties. Among the typical applications are durable coatings for long-term architectural and corrosion-resistant components, chemical process vessels and piping, jacketing for electrical wiring, and high performance lubricants. Solvay Solexis offers a diverse group of fluorine-based products.



Natural materials of the beggining Century gave way to celluloid, the first "plastics" available at that time. This was the very beginning of a long way: after costume jewellery items, toiletries, musical instruments, pens, dolls, buttons, spectacle frames, year after year the challenge to diversification led MAZZUCCHELLI 1849 to distinguish themselves as one of the more innovative companies in the plastics field.
The attention has always being turned to those products characterized by a technological and process know-how.



Our range of products:

standard series
LIFOFLEX® Bonding Systems
TPE with adhesion to different thermoplastics (PA, ABS, PS, PC...)
TPE flame retarded, free from halogens
LIFOCORK®compounds with nature cork inside
LIFOBATCH®color masterbatches
functional additive masterbatches
EPSeal®Sealing compounds for plastic and metal closures for beverages


Perrite are an independent thermoplastic compounding business based in Warrington, UK and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. They specialise in the supply of compounded products to the injection moulding and extrusion industries and are a key supplier of special thermal insulation products for flexible, offshore oil pipelines.

Perrite has been in business since 1975 operating from its Warrington facility and opened its Malaysian plant in 2003. Product development is carried out at the Warrington technical centre with additional colour matching and sample facilities available from both manufacturing sites.

Perrite manufacture and distribute an impressive line up of standard and custom compounded polymers including Percom polypropylene, Perlex polycarbonate, Styralin polystyrene and Pertal POM. The product portfolio also includes the high performance Ronfalin ABS brand and prime quality polyamide Vitamide range.

Perrite’s expertise includes product tailoring to modify performance, appearance enhancement and colouring. They assist in all stages of product development, from design, polymer selection, testing and approval through to optimising tool design and processing parameters.

Perrite’s products are manufactured to provide a range of properties and performance, such as heat resistance, high impact, antimicrobial, reinforcement, flame retardancy, high gloss, chemical resistance or a variety of appearance effects.


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